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Documenting the Fight Against Asbestos Exposure

November 12, 2019 Filmmakers are traveling across the country, even across the globe, documenting the fight against asbestos and honoring the victims of mesothelioma. As the U.S. continues to struggle with enacting regulations and legislation, documentaries like ‘Dirty Laundry’ and ‘Breathless’ are showing…

Remembering The Great Smog of Donora – Taking Clean Air Seriously

November 1, 2019 On the morning of Oct. 27, 1948, residents of Donora, Pa., awoke to an ominous blanket of smog covering the sky. The American Steel & Wire Co. and Donora Zinc Works — the town’s largest mills —  were to blame…
Lawrence Gettys, Waters Kraus & Paul Of Counsel Attorney

We hold corporations responsible.

Led by accomplished trial lawyer Lawrence Gettys, the Louisiana attorneys at Waters Kraus & Paul have represented thousands of individuals throughout the state and its parishes. With decades of experience handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related litigation, Waters Kraus & Paul seeks to protect the rights of Louisiana families and citizens whenever and wherever they have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing.

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That’s what everyone asks. It’s impossible to know. We can tell you Waters Kraus & Paul fights big business and wins. That’s why we’ve taken more mesothelioma trials to verdict than any other firm. And that’s why we’ve recovered more than $1.3 billion for clients like you. Contact us now to speak with an attorney.

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